Love infographics? We do, too! From WordPress security basics to how to secure your website, we have 8 WordPress security infographics for you to download and share.

It feels like every week there’s another security breach in the news. It can cause panic, especially when we think website security has to be complicated. But protecting your WordPress website doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress security is easier than you think. In this infographic, we cover the five ways to secure your WordPress website.

Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website Infographic

A successful WordPress security strategy should include steps to strengthen the WordPress login. In this infographic, we cover the five simple rules for better WordPress login security.

WordPress login security

If you own a WordPress website, you should be aware of potential WordPress security vulnerabilities. Most WordPress security issues can be prevented if you simply follow WordPress security best practices. In this post and infographic, we cover the top 5 WordPress security vulnerabilities that can compromise your WordPress website and the steps you can take to strengthen the security of your site.

WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

In a similar post, we outline a few of the most common WordPress security issues, along with steps you can take to secure and protect your WordPress site.

WordPress security issues

Brute force attacks refer to a trial and error method used to discover username and password combinations in order to hack into a website. The brute force attack method exploits the simplest form of gaining access to a site: by trying to guess usernames and passwords, over and over again, until they’re successful.

This infographic offers an overview of brute force attacks related to WordPress with steps you can take to strengthen your logins.

Brute Force Attacks

WordPress security logs provide detailed data and insights about activity on your WordPress website. If you know what to look for in your logs, you can easily identify and stop malicious behavior on your site.

WordPress Security Logs

You’ll find a lot of WordPress security advice floating around the internet from well-intentioned people who genuinely want to help. Unfortunately, some of this advice is built on WordPress security myths and don’t actually add any additional security to your WordPress website. In fact, some WordPress security “tips” may increase the likelihood you will run into issues and conflicts.

In this infographic, we bust some of the most popular WordPress security myths so you can have a more informed approach to your website security strategy.

Finding yourself asking “Is my WordPress site hacked?” means you’ll want some quick answers. This infographic covers seven signs of infection and what to do if you discover you’ve been hacked. The faster you notice the signs of a website breach, the quicker you can get your site cleaned up. The quicker you can get your website cleaned, the less damage the hack can do to your website.

Is My WordPress Site Hacked?

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