How to change your WordPress domain name using phpMyAdmin

We are often asked if you can build your website using WordPress while your old site is still at your old host. The trick is that WordPress is domain name dependant so your new WordPress website will need a domain name for it work as a development site.

So say your domain is and you host it somewhere else for now. When you signup with Maine Hosting you will be given a "Temporary Domain" for development purposes. This domain will be in the form of

I just signed up and received my Web Hosting Welcome Letter and it says my Temporary URL is

Next you need to install WordPress on your hosting account and come back to this article.TIP:
In the installations steps be sure to remove the wp from the installation directory, that way it won't put your installation into a wp directory.

Now to change your WordPress URL from to

You can find more details on this subject at

Next go to phpMyAdmin in your cPanel

  1. In phpMyAdmin look for your WordPress Database, it will be labeled 'username-wp###' - Click the + sign to see all the tables in the database.
  2. Click ?wp-options?
  3. Click on the 'Browse'icon on the left in the top menu
  4. Findsiteurland home to change the URLS in bot these fields, click the Pencil (Edit) icon and change 'option_value' from to
    Be sure you change in BOTH Places!

That's it, your done.

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