Copying IMAP Email to Local Folder

Create a local folder

First you need to create a local folder to hold the mail you wish to copy locally:

  1. OpenOutlook Express
  2. SelectedFile>New Folder...
  3. Result:The "Create Folder" window appears
  4. Name the folder
  5. Click on the location where you would like to create the new folder; *be sure it is within the "Local
    Folders" section*
  6. Result:Your new folder will appear in the folder listing

Move mail to the local folder

  1. Open the IMAP folder that contains the mail you wish to archive
  2. Select the message or messages you want to move or copy locally; you can use thectrl-akeyboard shortcut to select all the messages in a folder
  3. Drag-and-drop method
    1. Drag the selected messages to the local folder you created above
    2. To copy messages rather than moving them you can hold down thectrlkey while dragging them to the local folder
  4. Alternative method
    1. left-clickon the selected messages
    2. ChooseMove to Folderfrom the pop-up menu
    3. From the folder listing select the folder you created above and clickOK
  5. Result:The messages you selected are moved to the folder on your local machine

Messages you move to a local folder are no longer on the mail server. You should back them up in case of equipment failure. See:Backing Up Your Emailfor more information.

Repeat the steps as needed to move mail from multiple mailboxes on the server to your local machine,i.e.; Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, etc..

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