Today is the day that Divi 4.0 is released! It’s super exciting and the long awaited Divi Theme Builder is finally here!

However, this is a major version update, which means you need to be EXTRA careful when updating.

The video goes through the steps you should take to help avoid disaster, and how to easily back step if things do go wrong.

You can also watch the tutorial on Facebook, if you prefer.

If you have questions, or have requests on what you’d like to see covered, please leave a comment below, or on YouTube or Facebook 🙂

Step by Step Guide on How to Update Your Divi Website Safely

Step 0: Wait a few weeks…

  • Step 1: Back Up the Website!
    • Server Level Backup (WP Engine, Flywheel, etc)
    • Backup Plugin
    • Updraft Plus
    • All in One WP Migration
    • BackWPup
    • Backup Buddy
  • Test the Update in a Staging Environment
    • Test in Your Built-in Server Staging (WP Engine, Flywheel, etc)
    • Clone Your Site in Your Hosting Environment (manual staging)
    • Migrate Site to Local (Local by Flywheel)
  • Download the Current Version of Divi You’re Running and Store Safely
    • Download via FTP
    • Use File Manager Plugin to Download Current Version
  • Test EVERYTHING (while in Staging)
    • All Major Pages
    • All Functionality
    • All Devices
  • Update Live Site, and Test More
  • Something wrong? Need to Revert?
    • Divi’s Built in Revert Tool
    • Your Downloaded Copy of Divi in the previously working version
    • Your Backup


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